Table 5

Satisfaction with the TMV and fitting process at 12-month follow-up

Intervention arm responders with TMV fitted
No (total=34)%95% CI
Satisfaction with TMV and fitting process
 Very happy or happy with TMV3088.272.5 to 96.7
 Would recommend TMV to a friend28 [2]87.571.0 to 96.5
 Would not be happy if kitchen and bath hot tap water were same temperature23 [1]69.751.3 to 84.4
 Have tried to adjust TMV temperature00.00.0 to 10.3
 Received information about the valve2676.558.8 to 89.3
Agrees or strongly agrees
 Information about TMV was easy to understand (if received)26100.086.8 to 100.0
 Information helpful to run bath after TMV fitted (if received)2076.956.4 to 91.0
 Fitting the TMV didn't make much mess30 [1]90.975.7 to 98.1
 Fitting the TMV didn't damage the bathroom27 [1]81.864.5 to 93.0
 Plumbers came at time that suited the family31 [1]93.979.8 to 99.3
 Fitting the TMV took longer than expected1029.415.1 to 47.5
 Fitting the TMV was noisy4 [1]12.13.4 to 28.2
Since having TMV
 Child less likely to be scalded3294.180.3 to 99.3
 Doesn't take longer to run bath22 [2]68.850.0 to 83.9
 Easier to control bath water temperature29 [2]90.675.0 to 98
 Bath water isn't hot enough12 [1]36.420.4 to 54.9
 TMV needs too much maintenance1 [2]3.10.1 to 16.2
 Can no longer top up bath with hot water while in the bath9 [1]27.313.3 to 45.5
 Keeps forgetting needs to run bath in different way3 [3]9.72.0 to 25.8
  • []Missing values.

  • TMV, thermostatic mixing valve.