Table 2

Bath hot tap water temperature, satisfaction with water temperature and bath time safety practices at baseline, by treatment arm (% unless specified)

Temperature, acceptability and safety practicesIntervention armControl arm
Hot bath tap water temperature (median °C (IQR))55.0 (54.0–58.0)58.0 (55.0–62.0)
Bath hot tap water ≤46°C0 (0.0)0 (0.0)
Sink hot tap water temperature (median °C (IQR))55.0 (54.0–58.0)58.0 (54.0–63.0)
Satisfaction (number (%))n=62n=62
Very happy or happy with bath hot tap water temperature39 (62.9)37 (59.7)
Bath water is:
 Very hot—need to add a lot of cold water to the bath41 (67.2) [1]38 (61.3)
 Hot—need to add some cold water to the bath19 (31.2)24 (38.7)
 Warm enough —don't need to add any cold water to the bath1 (1.6)0 (0.0)
 Not very warm—not warm enough to bath in0 (0.0)0 (0.0)
Very happy or happy with speed of bath hot tap water flow29 (46.8)24 (38.7)
Safety practices
Runs bath using cold water first2 (3.2)9 (14.8) [1]
Bath water temperature checked for every bath54 (88.5) [1]54 (88.5) [1]
Bath is only run by adult62 (100.0)59 (95.2)
Child bath time always supervised by adult57 (91.9)57 (93.4) [1]
Child usually gets in bath after water has been run61 (98.4)61 (98.4)
Child has been left alone in the bath27 (43.6)13 (21.0)
Child has been left alone in bathroom while bath is running19 (30.7)12 (19.4)
  • []Missing values.