Table 4

Spearman's rho correlations between EAR for breathing difficulty and IMD, reported IMD indicators and domains of the CWI

IMD indicatorsCWI domain
IMDHomelessnessOvercrowdingHouses in poor conditionAir qualityMaterialEducationCrimeHousingEnvironmentChildren in need
EARUnder 1 year0.18, p=0.3350.56, p=0.7650.15, p=0.4160.10, p=0.6000.04, p=0.8390.18, p=0.3220.19, p=0.2970.10, p=0.5820.13, p=0.4840.23, p=0.2160.28, p=0.123
1–4 years0.50, p=0.004**0.33, p=0.0720.61, p<0.001***0.50, p=0.005**0.52, p=0.003**0.48, p=0.006**0.02, p=0.8970.19, p=0.3170.60, p<0.001***0.42, p=0.020*0.52, p=0.003**
5–9 years0.67, p<0.001***0.49, p=0.005**0.50, p=0.004**0.45, p=0.011*0.42, p=0.018*0.64, p<0.001***0.16, p=0.3800.55, p=0.001**0.59, p<0.001***0.50, p=0.004**0.59, p<0.001***
10–14 years0.59, p<0.001***0.38, p=0.035*0.52, p=0.003**0.54, p=0.002**0.46, p=0.009**0.58, p=0.001**0.29, p=0.1080.42, p=0.019*0.60, p<0.001***0.61, p<0.001***0.60, p<0.001***
0–14 years0.59, p<0.001***0.44, p=0.013*0.62, p<0.001***0.55, p=0.001**0.53, p=0.002**0.58, p=0.001**0.14, p=0.4590.31, p=0.0900.64, p<0.001***0.53, p=0.002**0.62, p<0.001***
  • * p<0.05;

  • ** p<0.01;

  • *** p<0.001.

  • Tables reporting correlations using Kendall's taub and associations at the decile level are available from the corresponding author on request.

  • CWI, Local Index of Child Well-Being; EAR, emergency admission rates; IMD, Index of Multiple Deprivation.