Table 3

Spearman's rho correlations between EAR of children aged 0–14 years admitted for each and all diagnoses and IMD, reported IMD indicators and CWI domains

IMD indicatorsCWI domain
IMDHomelessnessOvercrowdingHouses in poor conditionAir qualityMaterial§EducationCrimeHousingEnvironmentChildren in need
EARAll diagnoses0.46, p=0.009**0.34, p=0.0610.46, p=0.009**0.39, p=0.030*0.41, p=0.022*0.45, p=0.012*0.03, p=0.8650.24, p=0.1850.47, p=0.007**0.31, p=0.0950.44, p=0.013*
Breathing difficulty0.59, p<0.001***0.44, p=0.013*0.62, p<0.001***0.55, p=0.001**0.53, p=0.002**0.58, p=0.001**0.14, p=0.4590.31, p=0.0900.64, p<0.001***0.53, p=0.002**0.62, p<0.001***
Feverish illness0.28, p=0.1220.27, p=0.1420.31, p=0.0890.27, p=0.1460.28, p=0.1250.27, p=0.143−0.06, p=0.7360.10, p=0.5810.31, p=0.0860.08, p=0.6740.24, p=0.194
Diarrhoea0.31, p=0.0910.14, p=0.4390.21, p=0.2670.11, p=0.5430.16, p=0.4070.28, p=0.1280.11, p=0.5640.23, p=0.2130.22, p=0.2340.16, p=0.3870.26, p=0.151
  • * p<0.05;

  • ** p<0.01;

  • *** p<0.001.

  • Correlation coefficients range from −1 to 1, where 0 indicates no relationship between two variables and −1 and 1 indicate a perfect negative and positive association between two variables, respectively.

  • Tables reporting correlations using Kendall's taub and associations for each and all diagnoses at the decile level are available from the corresponding author on request.

  • § The material domain is identical to the IDACI published alongside the IMD 2007.7

  • Due to data quality issues, the Children in Need domain was modelled using the IDACI, the income and employment domains of the IMD 2007 and the education domain of the CWI.7

  • CWI, Local Index of Child Well-Being; EAR, emergency admission rates; IDACI, Income Deprivation Affecting Children Index; IMD, Index of Multiple Deprivation.