Table 2

Multinomial logistic regression analysis of those partially or unimmunised compared to fully immunised

Adjusted relative risk ratio (95% CI)*
FactorsPartially immunised versus fully immunisedUnimmunised versus fully immunised
Mother is GMS eligible versus not0.98 (0.24 to 4.04)8.11 (1.58 to 41.65)
Mother ever used complementary or alternative medicine: did not use1.25 (0.44 to 3.5)3.69 (1.05 to 12.9)
WHO-QOL BREF psychological <50:50≥2.44 (0.47 to 12.7)8.82 (1.79 to 43.6)
Region west: east1.97 (0.15 to 4.94)3.64 (1.0 to 13.2)
Cohort child born <37 weeks: born ≥37 weeks4.63 (1.23 to 17.3)No premature children unimmunised
  • The model included 524 fully immunised (93%), 23 partially immunised (4.1%), 16 unimmunised (2.8%) and 186 missing values. Missing data sex n=2, maternal age n=3, income n=63, CAM n=11, mother's education n=13, father's education n=45, maternal parent's education n=50, WHO-QOL psychological n=25, WHO-QOL social n=18, WHO-QOL environmental n=29, not married n=2, lone parent n=3, not working n=5, number of other children n=12, GMS eligible n=7.

  • * Adjusted for sex, maternal age, income, prematurity, alternative therapy, mother's, father's and maternal parents education, WHO-QOL BREF psychological, social and environmental factors, not married, lone parent, not working, number of other children, GMS eligible, region.

  • CAM, complementary or alternative medicine; GMS, General Medical Services; WHO-QOL BREF, World Health Organization Quality of Life brief instrument.