Table 1

Comparison of those whose immunisation information could be matched to the cohort and those whose immunisation information could not be matched

Immunisation information available
CharacteristicYes (N=749)No (N=321)
Mean age of mothers, years29.928.2*
GMS eligible15.9%22.7%*
Smoking in pregnancy22.6%28.8%*
Premature (<37 weeks gestational age on hospital record)4.1%4%
Male sex cohort child48.1%52.8%
Mother educated to third level50.1%47.2%
Father educated to third level41.5%38.8%
Lone parent23.2%39.5%*
Not married29.7%48.9%*
Not working31.9%39.8%*
Complementary or alternative medicine use23.8%18%*
Number of other children, mean1.11.1
Lives in west of Ireland36.3%20.1%*
  • * p≤0.05.

  • GMS, General Medical Services.