Table 3

Trials utilising educational interventions with other psychological intervention

StudyAge groupClinical groupNoInterventionControlStudy periodAdherence measureKey adherence findingsDelphi score
Clarke et al33Adolescents (12–18 years)Depression152Education targeting SSRIs + brief cognitive behavioural therapy (5–9 sessions) for depressionUsual treatment12 monthsDispensing frequencyIntervention poorer than control for adherence (d=–0.29)7
Van Es et al34Adolescents (11–18 years)Asthma112Education (8 sessions with paediatrician/nurse) + group therapy (3 sessions exploring attitudes, coping skills, peers and cigarette refusal)Usual treatment24 monthsSelf-report, (Likert scale)Intervention superior to control at 24 months (d=0.46) but not 12 months (d=0.15)5
Boardway et al32Adolescents (12–17 years)Diabetes (+ history of poor glycaemic control)32Education + stress management training (13 sessions over 6 months, incorporating self-monitoring, problem solving, assertiveness, coping and regimen adherence issues)Usual treatment9 monthsTime between meal and insulin dose, (24-hour recall interview)Intervention poorer than control for adherence at 3 months (trend, d=–0.64) and no group differences at later follow-ups (d=0.05 and 0.13)4