Table 4

Results of multiple linear regression with composite localisation score as the measure of outcome

B (95% CI)β
Constant+45.0 (+31.2 to +58.8)
Group (unilateral or bilateral)+18.5 (+5.9 to +31.1)+0.42*
No of additional disabilities†−2.7 (.17.5 to +12.0)−0.05
Age at diagnosis of deafness (months)+0.4 (+0.2 to +0.5)+0.48*
Duration of deafness at time of first implantation (months)+0.1 (−0.2 to +0.4)+0.12
  • The value of R2 for the model was 0.45 (p<0.001). The unstandardised regression coeffi cient B (with 95% CI) and the standardised regression coeffi cient, β, are listed for each variable in the model.

  • * p<0.01.

  • Dichotomous: none or more than one.