Table 1

Biographical data

UnilateralBilateralNormally hearing
No of children20230256
Chronological age (mean (SD))86.4 (44.2)87.0 (46.3)54.2 (24.2)
Hearing age (mean (SD))46.9 (36.4)49.6 (37.2)54.2 (24.2)
Family income (mean (SD))£59000 (£29600)£57100 (£29000)Data not collected
Sex (n (%))
 Male8 (40.0)16 (53.3)26 (46.4)
 Female12 (60.0)14 (46.7)30 (53.6)
No of additional disabilities (n (%))
 None18 (90.0)23 (76.7)56 (100.0)
 One or more2 (10.0)7 (23.3)0 (0.0)
Age at diagnosis of deafness (mean (SD))9.9 (12.0)22.0 (32.9)NA
Duration of deafness at time of fi rst implantation (mean (SD))29.7 (24.9)15.3 (12.9)NA
Duration of deafness at time of second implantation (mean (SD))NA45.4 (44.5)NA
  • For ages and durations, means and SD are in months. Hearing age is the time since fi rst implantation for deaf children, and chronological age for normallyhearing children. Duration of deafness is the time between diagnosis and first implantation. NA, not applicable.