G13 Table Comparisons between infants of mothers with diabetes and healthy term neonates
Comparisons made to an adjusted age of 40.8 weeks’ gestationInfants of mothers with diabetes n  =  8Healthy term neonates n  =  2695% CI for differencep Value
% Whole-body adiposity23.618.90.9 to 8.50.02
Body weight (kg)3.6563.340−0.079 to 0.7120.12
Head circumference (cm)36.235.4−0.3 to 1.90.26
Length (cm)54.551.30.7 to 5.80.004
Ponderal index23.824.8−4.4 to 2.30.20
Lean body mass (kg)2.8102.699−0.176 to 0.3990.40
Total adipose tissue (litres)0.9400.7120.034 to 0.4210.02
Superficial subcutaneous adipose tissue (litres)0.8370.6140.054 to 0.3930.01
Deep subcutaneous adipose tissue (litres)0.0370.0250.00009 to 0.0250.048
Internal adipose tissue (litres)0.0650.074−0.03 to 0.0140.4