Table 1

Comparison of demographic characteristics and clinical severity in infants with acute bronchiolitis with and without identified viruses

VariableNo virus (n = 78)Virus detected (n = 104)p Value
Gender (male)46 (59.0%)58 (55.8%)NS
Age (months)2.4±1.82.5±2.4NS
Birth weight (kg)3.2±0.53.0±0.50.01
Breast feeding (months)1.3±1.61.7±2.0NS
Exposure to smoking38 (51.4%)44 (44%)NS
School attendance48 (62.3%)56 (54.9%)NS
Family history for asthma22 (28.2%)21 (20.2%)NS
Family history for atopy26 (33.3%)36 (34.6%)NS
Clinical severity score3.8±2.53.9±2.3NS
Radiographic findings(n = 75)(n = 94)
    Normal12 (16.0%)9 (9.6%)
    Diffuse air trapping17 (22.7%)41 (43.6%)0.02
    Patchy infiltrates46 (61.3%)44 (46.8%)
Eosinophils (n/mm3)149±153153±229NS
Days of hospitalisation4.8±2.05.0±2.4NS
  • Data are expressed as number of positive cases and per cent, and as mean±SD.