Table 2

CT and skull x-rays performed on children who did not fit CHALICE rule*

Case numberAge (years)Injury cause/symptomsResultNeurosurgery?
115Persistent headache a week laterNormal
215GCS=15 on arrival but GCS=13 in ambulance, brief LOC, 2 discrete vomitsNormal
314GCS=14 on arrival, brief LOC, fell off ride-on-mowerNormal
411Fell 2 m, had brief LOCNormal
59Fell 1.25 m from tree to concrete with brief LOCNormal
67Fell off bike, brief LOC, bruise on headNormal
77Previously had a tumour, has missing bone flap, hit it when fell overNormal
86Vomit <3 times, headache, fell off trampolineNormal
92Headache, lump on headNormal
1014GCS=15 on arrival, LOC of 4 min, fell off horsenormal
1114GCS=15 on arrival, LOC for 3 min, agitated, fell playing footballNormal
1210Headache, drowsy, dizzy, fell off shouldersNormal
1311Vomit <3 times, fell from tree <3 mNormal
1411Fell 2 m, brief LOCSkull fractureNo
159GCS=15, vomited once, mild headache, fell and hit head on concreteSmall left occipital contusionNo
1615Playing AFL, vomited once, brief LOC, headache, nauseaOrbital and maxillary fracturesNo
173Fell 1 m onto tiles, had headache, boggy swellingSkull fracture and contusionNo
1810GCS=15 on arrival, previously GCS=14 in ambulance, brief LOCSubdural haematomaNo
197Fell off bike wearing helmet, lump on headSkull fracture, small haematomaNo
207On admission GCS=15, previously 13, irritable, fell off bike, no helmetSmall subgaleal haemorrhage and parietal haemorrhagic contusionYes, repair of anterior fossa and dura tear
212Lump on headHaematoma parietalNo
  • * See box 1 for definition.

  • AFL, Australian Football League; CHALICE, children's head injury algorithm for the prediction of important clinical events; GCS, Glasgow Coma Scale; LOC, loss of consciousness