Table 1 Literature search
Key questions: What are the causes of epistaxis in children? Is there an association between epistaxis and apparent life threatening events in children?
Databases searched: Medline, Embase, and Cinahl, the Science Citation Index and the Social Science Citation Index from 1970 to February 2008
1. bleeding from the (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
2. nose sudden infant death).mp.
3. unnatural
4. (nasal haemorrhage or nasal21. (Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy or
hemorrhage).mp.Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome).mp.
5. Epistaxis/or (Munchausen syndrome or
6. nasal by proxy or Factitious
7. intra-alveolar by Proxy).mp.
8. intra-alveolar (SIDS or SID).mp.
9. oral Child
10. (oronasal haemorrhage: or25. covert
oronasal hemorrhage:).mp.26. child
11. Epistaxis/or oronasal physical
or Airway Obstruction/28. or/13–27
12. or/1–1129. (baby or babies).mp.
13. child Baby/
14. Infant/
16. young
17. or/29–33
18. (Acute Life Threatening Event35. 12 and 28 and 34
or ALTE).mp36. limit 35 to yr = “2006–2008”