Table 4

Multivariable conditional logistic regression analysis: discrimination between early and late onset*

Odds ratio (95% CI)p Value
Group B streptococcus carrier
    Yes6.85 (2.74 to 17.1)<0.001
Maternal infection
    Yes3.87 (1.02 to 14.8)0.045
Maximum intrapartum temperature2.13 per °C (1.15 to 3.93)0.01
Duration of ruptured membranes
    <18 h0.043
    ⩾18 h1.93 (1.02 to 3.64)
Fetal tachycardia
    Yes1.86 (0.95 to 3.66)0.072
No of vaginal examinations
    Early onset1.10 per examination (0.96 to 1.26)0.019†
    Late onset0.78 per examination (0.60 to 1.02)
  • *Adjusted for age, categorised as younger or older than 20 years of age, maternal temperature >38°C and postdelivery antibiotics for mother.

  • †p Value of interaction.