Table 2 Key adverse events described to measure the safety of inter-hospital transport
Adverse eventCATS data*
Patient physiology-related
    Respiratory arrest or cyanosis, or both0%
    Cardiac arrest1%
    Systolic hypotension (child2.2%
    <65 mm Hg, infant <55 mm Hg)
    Cardiac arrhythmia including2%
    tachycardia (child >200/min,
    infant >220/min) or bradycardia
    (child <40/min, infant <50/min)
    Loss of consciousness (Glasgow0%
    coma scale <7)
    Loss of brainstem reflexes0%
    Core temperature (<34°C)0%
    Hypoglycaemia (<2.5 mmol/l)1.4%
Technical or care-related
    Occluded endotracheal tube0.3%
    Accidental tracheal extubation0.2%
    Loss of all intravenous access0%
    Pulmonary aspiration0%
    Loss of monitoring0%
    Critical malfunction of ventilator0.2%
    Exhaustion of oxygen supply0%
  • CATS, Children’s Acute Transport Service.

  • *Events occurring as part of stabilisation at the referring hospital as well as during ambulance transport.