Table 1 Summary of quality indicators described in inter-hospital transport and relevant CATS data
Quality indicatorCATS data
    Adverse events
        Overall rate21%
        Physiological events11.6%
    Ambulance accident rate5/10 000
    (major and minor)journeys
    Mortality rate (24 h8%
    after ICU admission)
    Unplanned re-transfers1.2%
    Interventions after ICU admission8%
Speed (median)
    Acceptance time35 min
    Team mobilisation time25 min
    Time to patient bedside75 min
    (response time)
    Stabilisation time115 min
    Total transport time268 min
Efficiency of resource use
    Faulty initial triage (72 h window)4%
    Averted transfers†11%
    Refusal rate5%
Satisfaction levels* (median value)
    Referring clinician4
    Admitting clinician5
  • CATS, Children’s Acute Transport Service; ICU, intensive care unit.

  • *Satisfaction levels were measured on a Likert scale (1 = very dissatisfied to 5 = very satisfied).

  • †Cases in which referrers requested a retrieval but retrieval was mutually agreed to be unnecessary following advice.