Table 6 Wessex-controlled trial subgroup: effect of early confirmation of permanent childhood hearing impairment (PCHI) on reading and communication z scores in children with PCHI at primary school age
Age at confirmation of PCHI
NoGroup mean* z score (SD)Unadjusted* mean difference (95% CI)p ValueAdjusted† mean difference (95% CI)p Value
⩽9 months>9 months⩽9 months>9 months
WORD aggregate reading1526−0.62 (1.41)−1.04 (1.13)0.43 (−1.24 to 0.38)0.29−0.77 (−1.29 to −0.25)0.004
VABS communication scale1525−0.23 (1.46)−0.78 (1.05)−0.54 (−1.35 to 0.26)0.18−0.71 (−1.43 to 0.005)0.052
  • *Adjusted only for age at assessment.

  • †Adjusted, in a linear regression model, for severity of PCHI, maternal educational qualifications and Ravens Coloured Progressive Matrices (non-verbal ability) score.

  • VABS, Vineland Adaptive Behaviour Scales; WORD, Weschler Objective Reading Dimensions.