Table 3

Social outcomes: details of cases in local authority care or on the child protection register by age 6 years

GenderReason for Social Services referral at time of burnFinal reason for same child being on the child protection register or in local authority care
1MaleSuspected physical abusePhysical injury
2MaleSuspected physical abusePhysical injury
3FemaleSuspected physical abusePhysical injury
4MaleAssessmentPhysical injury
5MaleFamily supportPhysical injury
6FemaleFamily supportSexual abuse
7FemaleFamily supportNeglect and emotional abuse
8MaleEmotional abuseEmotional abuse
9FemaleParenting standardsNeglect
10MaleNo referralNeglect
11FemaleNo referralNeglect
12FemaleNo referralNeglect
13MaleNo referralNeglect
14MaleNo referralNeglect