Table 1 Comparison of prescriptions for each drug by groups 1 and 2
10 kg 1-year-old child
    Ondansetron (IV)423214
    Oramorph (PO)112514191
    Morphine (IV)1325110111
    Paracetamol (PO)21941494
    Paracetamol (IV)161836243
    Diclofenac (PR)124243
    Ibuprofen (PO)712571128
23 kg 7-year-old child
    Ondansetron (IV)126124
    Oramorph (PO)4252021
    Morphine (IV)923121223
    Paracetamol (PO)221131663
    Paracetamol (IV)16201744
    Diclofenac (PR)1824235
    Ibuprofen (PO)116441917
Percentage (%)2578510322258132
  • Group 1 (n = 25) prescribed using the 2006 BNFC. Group 2 (n = 27) prescribed using the Paediatric Analgesia Wheel. Under-dose and overdose may reflect an error in absolute dose prescribed or an error in MDI or MDF that resulted in an incorrect dose being administered over a 24 h period. The total numbers of prescriptions made by groups 1 and 2 were 350 and 378, respectively. IV, intravenous; PO, per os (by mouth); PR, per rectum.