Table 3

Blood groups of donor and recipients with isohaemogluttinin levels pretransplant in ABO-incompatible grafts

PatientAge at transplant (months)Blood group recipientABO-isohaemagluttininsDonor blood groupPlasma exchange
13.8O negAnti A 1:8, anti B 1:2A posYes
21.7O posAnti A 1:1, anti B 1:2B posNo
321.4A posNone detectedB posNo
47.3A posAnti B 1:2AB posYes
510.6A posAnti B 1:2B posNo
61.1A posNone detectedB posNo
75.0O posAnti A 1:1, anti B 1:2A posNo
  • neg, negative; pos, positive.