Table 3

Additional exclusion criteria of included studies

Author/yearAdditional exclusion criteria
Ewing-Cobbs L, Kramer L, Prasad M, et al (1998)21Prior traumatic brain injury, metabolic abnormality, preterm (<32 weeks)
Hettler J, Greenes DS (2003)22Coagulopathy, neonatal neurological abnormality, structural abnormality, surgery or previous intracranial haemorrhage
Fung ELW, Sung RYT, Nelson EAS, et al (2002)16Subdural haemorrhage due to infection or surgery
Pierre-Kahn V, Roche O, Dureau P, et al (2003)25Cardiopulmonary resuscitation, coagulation abnormality, severe dehydration or delayed eye examination
Ettaro L, Berger RP, Songer T (2004)20Concussion, cerebral lacerations or contusions