Table 1 Demographic and clinical data of children in the intervention group, the waiting group and a reference language-normal group
Intervention group, n = 24(13 males/11 females)Waiting group,n = 23(11 males/12 females)Fisher’s exact test*LN group,n = 36(20 males/16 females)
Birth order, %0.22 NS
    First born20.843.541.7
    Second born62.539.150.0
    Third or fourth born16.717.48.3
Family history of SLD (1st degree), % NS2.8
Age of mothers at birth, mean (SD), years:months32:1 (3:8)33:7 (4:3)31:7 (4:4)
Maternal school education (years in school), %0.58 NS
    No/low graduation (8–9)12.58.711.1
    Middle school graduation (10)37.556.547.2
    High school graduation (13)50.034.841.7
Maternal work situation, %0.57 NS
    Full time employment843
    Part time employment385244
    House wife544453
  • *Comparison of intervention and waiting group.

  • LN, language-normal; NS, not significant; SLD, speech and language disorder.