Table 4 Multiple regression analysis to compute the association between high-sensitivity C-reactive protein (hsCRP) levels (dependent variable) and sex, age, body mass index, waist circumference, body fat percentage and serum magnesium levels (independent variables)
95% CI odds ratio (lower bound–upper bound)
Sex1.3 (0.9–8.1)
Age1.1 (0.8–5.4)
Body mass index1.8 (1.4–21.8)
Waist circumference2.5 (1.2–14.4)
Body fat percentage3.3 (1.3–7.4)
Serum magnesium level5.2 (1.6–13.9)
Model 1
Sex1.2 (1.0–7.4)
Age1.0 (0.8–6.1)
Body mass index1.3 (0.9–24.3)
Waist circumference1.4 (1.1–15.0)
Serum magnesium level4.1 (1.3–10.8)
  • Model 1 Adjusted by body-fat percentage.