Table 1 Case description and circumstances of death
NoGenderDiagnosisCircumstances of deathDeath during car journeyCorrected age (weeks)Gestational age (weeks)
1MSIDSFound dead in car seat, in the carY039
2*MSIDSFound dead in car seat, in the carY433
3MSIDSFound dead in car seat, in the carY441
4*FSIDSFound dead in infant seat, at homeN1436
5MSIDSFound dead in car seat, at homeN2437
6FSIDSFound dead in car seat, at homeN3440
7FSIDSFound dead sitting in carrying slingN438
8MSIDSFound dead in bed in sitting position (had slippedN337
from father’s chest)
9MUnexplainedCollapsed after vomiting and while positioned in car seat.Y1040
awake deathCould not be resuscitated
10MUnclassified suddenFound dead while sleeping in a car seat, at homeN3539
infant death
11FKnown cardiomyopathyFound dead in car seat, in the carY1040
12MAccidental asphyxiaFound dead in car seat, in the car†Y1338
13*MKnown aorto-Died following crying spell, in car seat, in the carY1636
pulmonary window
14MKnown cystic fibrosis,Found dead in car seat while travelling in very hot weatherY23Probably
15MRuptured aneurysmIn infant seat. Suddenly cried for a few seconds and becameN139
of coronary sinuslimp
16MInfection (severeFound dead, asleep in an infant seatN2238
17MChild abuse, intra-Found dead, asleep in sitting positionN739
cranial haemorrhage
  • *Premature infant.

  • †Had been left unobserved for a few minutes upon arrival at destination. Windows were open. Investigation revealed that plastic wrapping from a toy flew in the face of the baby left unobserved in the car; the blood-tinged secretions found on the plastic sheet matched those oozing from the nose of the baby.

  • F, female; M, male; N, no; SIDS, sudden infant death syndrome; Y, yes.