Table 4 ETAT+ course evaluation: participants’ responses to the feasibility of implementing CPGs and their commitment to changing practice
Topic for responseSummary of participants’ responses across all sites (n = 126)
Relevance and value ofScale: 1 = not at all useful, 5 = very useful/valuable
training topics and job aidesMean response >4.5 for every question
Feasibility of implementationScale: 1 = very hard to implement, 3 = possible to implement, 5 = very easy to implement
Mean scores in each hospital were >3.5 for all items other than in one site where mean scores for provision of emergency care in outpatient areas, provision of night-time feeds for malnutrition and performance of diagnostic counselling and testing for HIV by clinicians were accorded mean scores of between 3.3 and 3.5. These three items together with performance of lumbar puncture where indicated by the CPGs tended to have lower mean scores (though above 3.5) in the other sites as well.
Commitment to changeScale: 1 = Practice change is not required at all, 3 = I do not feel strongly about practice change, 5 = I am strongly committed to change
Mean scores for all items were >4, indicative of at least a response of “I have some commitment to change” in all sites, with the lowest mean scores returned for provision of emergency care on paediatric wards, performance of lumbar puncture according to the CPG and provision of night-time feeds for malnutrition.