Table 1

Information obtained at hospital based visit: patient details, medication, spirometry, clinical status and prescription records

Total number of subjects (male)71 (35)
Age, years11.9 (4.5–17.5)
Passive smoking23 (32%)
Prescribed medication
    Dose of FP equivalent (μg/day)1000 (500–3000)
    Long-acting beta-agonist70 (99%)
    Combination inhaler48 (68%)
    Oral steroids21 (30%)
    Leucotriene receptor antagonist42 (59%)
Stage 1 tests
    FEV1 prebronchodilator, % predicted76 (33–125)
    Bronchodilator reversibility, %14 (−12–106)
    FVC prebronchodilator, % predicted94 (57–130)
Clinical status
    Admissions in past year2 (0–21)
    Ever ventilated12 (17%)
Prescriptions issued (%)
    >8023 (43%)
    50–8017 (27%)
    <5019 (30%)
  • Data are presented as number (%) in each category except age, daily dose of fluticasone propionate (FP), spirometry and number of admissions in the past year that are expressed as median (range). Prescription data are presented as the proportion of prescriptions issued during the previous year compared with what should have been issued if adherence to prescribed medication was 100%. FEV1, first second forced expiratory volume; FVC, forced vital capacity.