Table 1 RCPCH child protection activities
Working parties and publications
Responsibilities of doctors in child protection cases with regard to confidentiality (2004)
Sudden unexpected death in infancy. A multi-agency protocol for care and investigation (2004)
Procedures to be adopted by the dental professional who suspects child abuse
Model job description: designated doctor for child protection (2005)
Model job description: named doctor for child protection (2005)
Child protection companion (2006)
Child protection and duties of the anaesthetist (2007)
Standards for radiological investigations of suspected non-accidental injury (2007)
Child protection reader (2007) (training manual)
Child protection complaints survey (2003)
Qualitative study into the nature and impact of complaints made against paediatricians involved in child protection procedures (2006)
Evidence based guidance on the physical signs of sexual abuse in children (due 2007)
Guideline on diagnosis of salt-poisoning leading to hypernatraemia in children (due 2008)
Research to explore parents information needs and experiences when professional concerns regarding non-accidental injury were not substantiated (2007)
Funding for a systematic review of non-accidental head injury
A review of the evidence in relation to oronasal bleeding
Training and education
Safeguarding children– recognition and response in child protection for doctors in training
Family justice training scheme with mini-pupillages
Courses on court skills in child protection
Safeguarding children and young people– roles and competencies for health care staff (2006)
Child protection competencies defined for all health service staff (2006)
Regular meetings and discussions on joint working with the Department for Education and Skills, the Department of Health and the General Medical Council