Table 2 Overview of growth-measurement protocols used in included studies
Study detailsMeasurerMethod of measuring heightMethod of referencing heightDiagnostic threshold
Agwu (2004)28School nurse, SHN support workerLeicester height measureUK 1990 charts<0.4th centile
Ahmed (1995)30Health visitorMicrotoise, Minimetre (Raven), Oxford screening wall charts (Castlemead Publications)Tanner and Whitehouse 1965(1) < −2 SDS (referral to auxologist)
(2) < −3 SDS (referral to consultant)
(3) SDS decrease between measurements (referral to auxologist)
Aszkenasy (2005)34School nurseLeicester height measure0.4th centile tables based on UK 1990 charts<0.4th centile
Banerjee (2003)18Classroom assistant, health visitorLeicester height measureUK 1990 charts<0.4th centile
Cernerud (1994)36School nurseFixed vertical backboard with scale and horizonal bladeReference data used by schools in the region (unspecified)Height or height for weight outside 2 SDS, or change of >0.5 SDS/year
de la Puente (1999)29NRAccustat wall-mounted stadiometerGrowth charts for CataloniaLess than or equal to the 3rd centile
Hearn (1995)37School nurseMinimeter (Raven)Tanner and Whitehouse, 1965<3rd centile
Keller (2002)38Practising paediatricianStandiometer (Dr Keller system)German synthetic norm curve<3rd centile or >97th centile
Lacey (1974)35School nurseNRTanner and Whitehouse, 19651st cohort: <3rd centile
2nd cohort: < −3 SDS
Lindsay (1994)31Trained volunteerAccustat stadiometerNR1st phase: < −2 SDS
2nd phase: <3rd centile and growth rate <5 cm/year
Vimpani (1981)33InvestigatorHarpenden portable anthropometerTanner and Whitehouse, 1965⩽ −2.5 SDS
Voss (1992)32School nursePortable wall-mounted microtoiseTannerand Whitehouse, 1965<3rd centile
  • SDS, standard deviation scores.