Table 4

 Outcomes from the clinical cards of severely malnourished children presenting to the CTC programme in Wollo Ethiopia, February 2003–May 2005 (n = 2498*)

OutcomeOverall(23/02/03–08/05/03),%NGO implemented(23/02/03–23/04/04),%MoH implemented(01/05/04–08/05/05),%
*307 clinical record cards missing.
†Non-recovered refers to those children who failed to achieve discharge criteria after 4 months in the programme. Initially these children were discharged to the supplementary feeding programme (SFP) when that programme was still in operation. Later, when the SFP ended these children were discharged back home. Before being discharged as a non-responder, children were tested in hospital for chronic treatable conditions such as TB and home visits were conducted.
SC, stabilisation centre.
Recovered2023 (81)737 (80)1286 (82)
Died (in OTP or135 (5)58 (6)77 (5)
Default148 (6)67 (7)81 (5)
Non-recovered†192 (8)63 (7)129 (8)
Total2498 (100)925 (100)1573 (100)