Table 3

 CTC outcomes of severely malnourished children aged under 59 months presenting to CTC programmes between September 2000 and December 2005 (n = 23 511)

CountryFigures for periodNo. SAM treated(OTP+SC)*Direct OTP admissionsCoverage††Outcomes, OTP and SC combinedComment**Rate wt gain,g/kg/dayLOS, days
This table presents the latest available monitoring data from CTC programmes supported by Valid International. As such it is constantly updated and for some programmes data maybe missing or incomplete. K, kwashiorkor; LOS, length of stay; M, marasmus.
*For ongoing programmes, total treated includes children still registered in the programme and for closed programmes those still registered on closure. For data up to year end, total does not include children registered in the programme at the end of the year as they are included in the data for the next year.
†This represents transfers out of the programme to another agency therapeutic feeding centre (TFC) or a hospital that is not supported by the organisation.
‡This was the only outpatient treatment programme (OTP) with little mobilisation or community engagement.
§No stabilisation centre (SC) data available, therefore transfer percentage includes those transferred to inpatient SCs.
¶Non-recovered were those children who failed to achieve discharge criteria after 4 months in the programme. Before being discharged as a non-responder, home visits were conducted and where possible children received a medical referral and were tested in hospital for chronic treatable conditions such as TB.
**Children still registered on programme closure are not included in the outcome calculations.
††Calculated using centric systematic sampling design and ”optimally biased sampling” and using a recent period coverage calculation (see below).
‡‡Initially the Dowa programme in Malawi had to follow the Malawi national protocols that stipulated inpatient care for all severely malnourished children. It was only when the inpatient centres became over-crowded that the CTC programme started direct admissions into OTP. Once direct admission into OTP was perceived by local people as successful, restrictions on direct admission into OTP were relaxed.
Ethiopia - Hadiya‡Sept 00–Jan 01170100%
N Sudan - DarfurAug 01–Dec 01806?30–64%81.410. (M), 1.8 (K)25 (M), 35 (K)
N Sudan - DarfurSept 02–May 0344669%>60%
Malawi - Dowa‡‡Aug 02–Dec 03167119%73%††69.415. (M), 5.0 (K)35
Malawi - Dowa‡‡Jan 04–Dec 04155345%72%††72.416.
Malawi - DowaJan 05–Jul 05169663%80.512.
Malawi - NkhotakotaJuly 03–Nov 0310527%58.927.810.03.3
Malawi - NkhotakotaMar 04–Dec 0450155%61.923.
Malawi - NkhotakotaJan 05–Jul 05102170%76.716.36.00.9
Ethiopia - South WolloFeb 03–Dec 0359095%78%†† (M), 4.0 (K)80
Ethiopia - South WolloJan 04–Dec 04135992%
Ethiopia - South WolloJan 05–May 0585696%77%††
Ethiopia - WolayitaApr 03–Dec 0319424% registered on closure
Ethiopia - Wolayita§Aug 03–Dec 0446091% SC data available
Ethiopia - WolayitaJan 05–Jun 05245100%
Ethiopia - SidamaSept 03–Aug 04149785%78%†† (M), 5.5 (K)45 (M), 41 (K)
Ethiopia – HarargeApr 03–Jan 0423299%81%†† registered on closure
South Sudan - BEGJun 03–Jan 0461092%73.417. registered on closure
South Sudan - BEGApr 04–Dec 0443980%82%††
South Sudan - BEGJan 05–Jun 0538788%61.514.52.54.516.5
South Sudan - BEGJul 03–Nov 0369671%81.815.41.41.458 registered on closure
Ethiopia - HarargeMar 04–Oct 04108689%56%†† registered on handover6.6 (M), 4 (K)44 (M), 38 (K)
Ethiopia - HarageMar 04–Oct 0438193%56%††69.524.32.43.77 registered on handover6.0 (M), 2.0 (K)60 (M), 44 (K)
Ethiopia - West HarargeFeb 04–Oct 04137771%61%††
Ethiopia - WollayitaFeb 04–Oct 04539?
North Sudan - West DarfurAug 04–Jul 05168497%75%††
North Sudan - West DarfurSept 04–May 0511586%58.636.23.41.4
North Sudan - North DarfurDec 04–Sept 0517290%65.712.97.913.6
Ethiopia - AwassaJun 05–Oct 0535392%
Niger - MaradiAug 05–Dec 05227096%
Total23 51179.4%11.0%4.1%3.3%2.3%