Table 3 The mean utility values across the total sample for the 56 patients
Device attributeUtility levelRaw dataDifferencesCompared to bruising = 100
Bruising*Almost none1.573.38100.0
A little0.252.0661.0
Operated byButton – automatic injection1.653.3097.8
Pushing plunger (like a syringe)−1.650.000.0
Pain felt*Slight twinge1.603.1693.4
Distinct pinch−0.041.5144.7
Like blood test−1.560.000.0
WeightLike a pencil (10 g)1.392.9687.5
Like half an apple (50 g)0.421.9958.7
Like a standard apple (100 g)−0.231.3439.6
Like a large apple (150 g)−1.570.000.0
Sound madeNone1.122.7882.3
Soft (heard by user only)1.032.6979.7
Distinct (heard within 2–3 m)−0.481.1935.2
Loud (heard by all those in same room)−1.670.000.0
PreparationNo mixing required1.302.6177.2
Mixing required weekly-to-monthly−1.300.000.0
Ease of holding*Very easy for adults/older children1.242.3368.9
Very easy for adults only−0.150.9427.9
Fairly easy for adults only−
Telephone helpline24 h a day1.082.2265.7
from 9 am to 5.30 pm0.061.2135.8
InjectionWithout a needle0.872.1162.4
With 0.5 cm long needle0.371.6047.5
With 1 cm long needle−
Size9 cm×3 cm1.032.0460.4
9 cm×6 cm0.711.7250.8
15 cm×6 cm−0.730.278.1
15 cm×9 cm−
Nurse support at homeAvailable0.791.5846.8
Not available−0.790.000.0
Needle visibilityHidden/not used0.651.5245.1
A little visible0.231.1132.9
Clearly visible−0.880.000.0
StoredIn the fridge0.220.4413.1
At room temperature−
MedicineDelivered to home0.100.205.9
Available from local chemist−
  • Attributes listed include those which were used to generate total device values and hence the “Top 3” and those which were solely included for additional insight (*).