Table 2 Specification of seven injection devices on the utility values of six attributes that were included in the conjoint model and which were rated the highest in the study
AttributeUtilityInjection device
Operated byAuto-injector++++++
WeightLike a pencil (10 g)+
Like half an apple (50 g)+++
Like a standard apple (100 g)+
Like a large apple (150 g)++
Sound madeNone+
Soft (heard by user only)++
Distinct (heard within 2 m)++
Loud (easily heard by all those in same room)++
PreparationNo mixing required++
Mixing required weekly-to-monthly+++++
0.5 cm needle+
1 cm needle+++
Size9 cm×3 cm+
9 cm×6 cm+
15 cm×6 cm++++
15 cm×9 cm+