Table 1

 Paediatric attendances at an emergency department

Triage categoryExplanationTotal number of attendances(less outliers)Number with weight recordedPercentage weights recorded
ENP, emergency nurse practitioner.
CAT 1Acute life threatening823441.5%
CAT 2Urgent1839140176.2%
CAT 3Trolley patient/moderate6942564381.3%
CAT 4Priority ENP patient201995.0%
CAT 5Returns to A&E20915272.7%
CAT 6Minor injury – doctor4133324578.5%
CAT 7Minor injury – ENP2218208694.1%
CAT 8Direct referral back to GP675683.6%
CAT 9Direct speciality referral1447123685.4%
No category recordedNo category recorded18312668.9%
Totals17 1401399881.7%