Table 2

 Comparison between PSI scores for mothers of children with eczema, the normative sample and previous studies of children with other chronic childhood illnesses

PSI domainsOur study,n = 33Normative,n = 2633*Diabetes,n = 40†Cystic fibrosis,n = 36‡Rett syndrome,n = 29§Deafness,n = 23¶Enteral feeding,n = 64**
*Abidin8; †Powers et al18; ‡Quittner et al20; §Perry et al22; ¶Lederberg et al19; **Pedersen et al.21
Values expressed as mean (95% CI).
Child domain121.599.7100.9109.4131.6105.9116.2
Parent domain138.2123.1117.2132.8125.4135.2
Total stress259.6222.8218.1221.7251.4