Table 2

 Distribution of injuries by body region among children versus adults injured as car passengers in a road accident*

Restrained car passengersUnrestrained car passengers
Children (n = 1033)Adults (n = 6535)p value†Children (n = 566)Adults (n = 2204)p value†
NS, not significant.
*Data are presented as numbers and percentages in brackets. Subjects may have sustained injuries to more than one body region.
†p values were calculated based on the null hypothesis of no difference between children under 15 years versus adults.
Head263 (25.46)1069 (16.36)<0.0001176 (31.1)672 (30.05)NS
Chest150 (14.52)1916 (29.32)<0.000136 (6.36)359 (16.29)<0.0001
Abdomen93 (9.00)390 (5.97)<0.000127 (4.77)118 (5.35)NS
Spine155 (15.00)2260 (34.58)<0.000157 (10.07)554 (25.14)<0.0001