Table 1 Keywords and phrases used for the electronic search
Child abuseavulsion injur:.
child protectionintraoral adj3 burn:
(battered child or shaken babyintraoral adj3 lesion:
or battered baby)lip scars.
child maltreatmentlip or lips).
(child adj3 maltreatment)scars adj3 lip
(child adj3 physical abuse)vermilion border.
soft tissue injur:floor of mouth.
physical abuse.Luxation injury or luxated tooth
physical punishment.lateral luxation.
oral dental traudisplaced tooth or intruded tooth or
oral facial injur:.extruded tooth or avulsed tooth
(oral or dental injur:)intrusion injury or extrusion injury
(abrasion: or lesion: or laceration:).subluxated tooth
(frenum or freanum or Frenulum).Crown fract: or root fract:
(torn lingual or labial frenu:).Crown adj3 fracture) or
labial frenum/root) adj3 fracture
lingual frenum/Alveolar injury or alveolar fracture
(lingual frenum or freanum ordental traumatology.
fraenum or phrenum).oral traumatology.
(labial frenum or freanum).Periodontal injury or gingival injury
((torn adj3 labial frenum) orgingivae or gingival laceration:
freanum or frenulum).gingival contusion.
phrenumgingival tear
(torn lingual or labial frenum orgingival bruise
freanum or frenulum or phrenum).torn fraenum or frenum
alveol:.Occlusion or malocclusion
avulsed teeth.articulation or disarticulation