Table 2

 General practitioners’ responses

PatientMedication(s)Reason(s) for refusal
A  =  too expensive to prescribe.
B  =  outside the prescribing guidelines for general practice.
C  =  inexperienced in prescribing medication for paediatric patients.
D  =  do not wish to take on board the extra responsibility.
E  =  do not have the facilities to monitor the pharmacokinetics or carry out the appropriate tests for the medication.
F  =  not enough information concerning the drug.
*Bosentan should be supplied by the hospital; it is not clear why this carer requested the GP to prescribe it.
1Sodium BicarbonateF
2Growth Hormone, MelatoninA, C
3Ciclosporin, MelatoninC, E
4MethotrexateC, E
5Tacrolimus, Sodium Bicarbonate, Sodium ChlorideC
9Bisacodyl enemaC, D
11Epoetin injectionA
12Epoetin injectionA
14Short chain fatty acidA
15Bosentan*A, C