Table 3 Published studies on repeatability (κ) of a self-reported questionnaire in preschool children and schoolchildren
AuthorsStrippoli(this study)Powell et al10Luyt et al11Haby et al24Brunekreef et al2Clifford et al5Salome et al4
n (response rate)413 (58%)114 (47%)100? (?)*104 (50%)410 (87%)200? (<50%)*111 (83%)
Age1 year6–35 months1–5 years3–5 years6–12 years7–11 years8–11 years
Interval3 months2 weeks6 months2 months1 month4 months1 month
Wheeze ever0.730.680.880.840.760.80
Wheeze last 12 months0.690.790.600.780.78
Shortness of breath0.610.480.710.50
Diagnosis of asthma0.740.821.000.760.77
Chronic rhinitis0.420.57
Cough without a cold0.540.580.19
Cough at night0.390.560.490.600.51
  • Level of agreement indicated by κ: ⩽0.4 poor, 0.41–0.60 moderate, 0.61–0.80 good, >0.8 excellent.

  • *The questionnaire was mailed to this number of patients. No detailed information about the response rate.