Table 4

 Odds ratios for bed-sharing, stratified by maternal smoking status, tog value, and z scores at birth

GroupCasesControlsOR for bed-sharing95% CI
Data refer to proportions of all infants found bed-sharing and further categorised according to maternal smoking status, tog value during last sleep, and birth weight adjusted for gestation.
z Scores < −0.81: scores in lowest quartile of data range; scores > −0.81: scores in 2nd, 3rd, and 4th quartiles.
Mother smoker1094217213.879.58 to 20.09
Mother non-smoker17783102.090.98 to 4.39
Tog ⩾10102405779.688.24 to 11.36
Tog <102494452.341.12 to 4.95
z Scores < −0.81572517216.2814.15 to 19.10
z Scores ⩾ −0.81562472104.902.88 to 8.41