Table 2

 Interaction of “bed-sharing” (±sofa-sharers) with other risk factors

Risk factorInteraction with bed-sharing
Placed prone for last sleep1.940.19 to 18.89
Mother smoker6.642.29 to 19.246.351.15 to 34.81
Social disadvantage (3–5)0.950.34 to 2.67
z Scores of weight for gestation at birth (cts variable)0.550.35 to 0.880.370.14 to 0.97
Breastfeeding initiated at birth0.420.17 to 1.02
History of symptoms/illness since birth0.460.20 to 1.06
Tog of clothing/bedding ⩾104.211.68 to 10.556.141.10 to 34.42
Duvets used for last sleep2.340.89 to 6.18
Pillows used for last sleep0.390.09 to 1.72
Parental alcohol consumption in last 24 h3.391.00 to 11.510.390.02 to 8.71
Absence of routine soother use for last sleep1.400.46 to 4.28
Interaction with co-sleeping
Odds ratios adjusted for maternal age, education, smoking and drinking during pregnancy, social disadvantage, occurrence of a urinary tract infection during pregnancy, infant z scores at birth, resuscitation at birth, male sex, breastfeeding initiated at birth, history of illness since birth, baby prone to sweating, symptoms/problems in 48 h prior to death and tog value of clothing and bedding ⩾10, use of duvets, absence of routine soother use, placed prone during the last sleep period. cts, continuous.
Placed prone for last sleep2.380.25 to 22.76
Mother smoker7.562.62 to 21.88.501.57 to 45.99
Social disadvantage (3–5)0.940.34 to 2.62
z Scores of weight by gestation at birth (cts variable)0.580.36 to 0.920.310.12 to 0.79
Breastfeeding initiated at birth0.400.17 to 0.960.550.13 to 2.36
History of illness since birth0.410.18 to 0.920.310.07 to 1.42
Tog of clothing/bedding ⩾10 for last sleep2.230.97 to to 15.79
Duvets used for last sleep1.280.52 to 3.11
Pillows used for last sleep0.240.06 to 1.01
Parental alcohol consumption in last 24 h3.951.19 to 13.070.410.02 to 8.95
Absence of routine soother use for last sleep1.690.56 to 5.04