Table 1

 Infant-parent bed-sharing and risk of SIDS

n%n%OR95% CIOR95% CI
Multivariate analysis adjusted for maternal age, education, smoking, drinking, and occurrence of urinary tract infection during pregnancy, social disadvantage, ⩾3 previous live births, z scores for weight by gestation, resuscitation required at birth, male sex, whether breastfeeding was initiated at birth, any history of illness during infant’s lifetime, baby prone to sweating, symptoms in 48 h prior to last/reference sleep, tog of clothing/bedding ⩾10, use of duvets, prone position, and absence of routine soother use during the last/reference sleep period. Odds ratios for all univariate analysis adjusted for infant age at death/interview.
“Other” refers to cases found: “between mother and other child” (n = 3), “at top of bed with older sibling, younger siblings at bottom” (n = 1), “baby down in middle/bottom of bed” (n = 2), “next to one sibling 13 years of age” (n = 1), or no information on location (n = 1).
*Odds ratio not available due to the lack of any control infants who co-slept on sofas/armchairs; †adjusted for maternal smoking and social deprivation.
Usual pattern
    Not bed-sharing1887178094RefRef
    Bed-sharing75294765.091.86 to 13.925.201.86 to 14.50
Last sleep period
    No sharing of sleep surface1214772888RefRef
    Bed-sharing12849101125.302.29 to 12.243.531.40 to 8.93
    Co-sleeping on sofas/armchairs11400****
Next to one adult in bed76296074.941.89 to 12.913.291.05 to 10.26
Between two adults in bed44173955.201.20 to 22.554.681.09 to 19.99
Bed-sharing (0–10 weeks)71281628.072.24 to 29.038.02†1.97 to 32.54
Bed-sharing (10–20 weeks)391536416.382.95 to 90.696.63†0.95 to 45.81
Bed-sharing (21–52 weeks)1563642.110.40 to 11.111.63†0.27 to 10.00
Bed-sharing (>52 weeks)211320.780.45 to 0.590.42†0.01 to 14.17