Table 2

 Clinical guidelines appraised and in receipt of college approval

Guideline topicDateOrganisation responsible
*Currently under revision.
†To be updated (asthma is a “living guideline” and will be regularly reviewed by SIGN).
Acute pain, recognition, and assessment2000Royal College of Nursing21
Asthma management†Jan 2003British Thoracic Society,22 SIGN
Breathing difficultiesDec 2002Paediatric Accident & Emergency Research Group23
Caries prevention in high risk children+Dec 2000SIGN
Community acquired pneumoniaDec 2002British Thoracic Society24
DiarrhoeaSep 2003Paediatric Accident & Emergency Research Group25
EpilepsySep 2004NICE
Head injuryJun 2003NICE
Head injury, early management†Sep 2000SIGN
Infectious diseases exclusion periodsApr 2001Health Protection Agency26
Milk banks, establishment and operationJan 2004UK Association of Milk Banks27
Neonatal RDS*Nov 1998BAPM28
Obesity prevention and managementApr 2003SIGN
Otitis media, acute and glue earFeb 2003SIGN
Pleural infectionsFeb 2005BTS
Post-seizure managementDec 2002Paediatric Accident & Emergency Research Group29
Sore throat and tonsillectomy indications†Jan 1999SIGN
Stroke in childhood, prevention and management2004Royal College of Physicians30
Sweat testing for CFNov 2003Association of Clinical Biochemists31
Urinary tract infectionApr 1999American Academy of Pediatrics19
Type 1 diabetes†Nov 2001SIGN
Type 1 diabetesJul 2004NICE