Table 3

 Details of patients sustaining significant head injuries during both study periods

Patient 1: Extensive middle cranial fossa fractures with some small areas of contusion
Patient 2: Comminuted, depressed right parietal fracture with underlying contusion
Patient 3: 8 mm right frontal depressed skull fracture with a small underlying contusion
Patient 1: Right parietal fracture and extradural haematoma requiring craniotomy
Patient 2: Frontal fracture with associated subdural and extradural haematomas requiring craniotomy
Patient 3: Right parietal fracture with contusions
Patient 4: Right frontal fracture with contusions
Patient 5: Widespread cerebral contusions
Patient 6: Right frontal lobe subdural haematoma with contusions
Patient 7: Left parietal/occipital fracture with an underlying extradural haematoma