Table 1

 Demographic characteristics, presenting clinical feature, and treatment of the patients

d, day; w, week; m, month; y, year; +, present; −, absent; od, once a day; bd, twice a day.
Age at presentation22 m8 y8 y5 ½ y10 y5 y8 y10 y
ProdromeSore throatDiarrhoeaPustulesTonsillitis
Presenting features
    Joint pain+++++
    Joint swelling++++
    Abdominal pain++++
    Swollen testicle+
    Rectal bleeding+++
Length of presentation1 d2 d2 d1 d5 d4 d5 d1 d
Presentation to treatment10 d14 m4 m18 m5 d8 d11 d1 m
Dose1 mg/kg od1.3 mg/kg od1 mg/kg od1.25 mg/kg od0.75 mg/kg bd1 mg/kg od1 mg/kg od0.5 mg/kg bd
Length of first course6 d7 d4 d4 w10 d7 d14 d10 d
Positive responseYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Relapse after first courseNoYesNoYesYesYesYesYes
Total duration of treatment6 d7 d4 d2 ½ y8 m5 w5 w2 y