Table 1

 Epidemiology of medication errors in children from chart review studies

AuthorStudy designPatientsADE per 1000 pt-dayADE per 100 admitsNear miss 1000 pt-dayNear miss 100 admitsMed error 1000 pt-dayMed error 100 admits
When available, rate per 1000 patient-days is used to account for the effect of length of stay on number of errors.
Kaushal, 2001Prospective chart reviewWard, NICU PICU6.62.3291015755
Holdsworth, 2003Prospective chart reviewWard, NICU7.569.38
Proctor, 2003Prospective chart reviewPaediatric surgical service8.3
Ross, 2000Incident reportWard, NICU PICU0.510.15
Raju, 1989Incident reportNICU, PICU8.814.7
Vincer, 1989Incident reportNICU13.4