Table 1

 Description of four study districts in Cape Town, and number of clinics with paediatric services and number of clinics sampled in the study

Tygerberg EastTygerberg WestKhayelitshaNyanga
Total population 2003290,000354,000407 000340 000
Population under 5 years9%8.5%12%12%
Infant mortality rate per 100019.018.043.940.4
Proportion living under the poverty line15.6%17.2%54.9%56.9%
Proportion unemployed17.7%22.4%46.750.1
Proportion with no access to piped water in house or yard4.7%0.6%26.4%29.2%
Proportion with no access to electricity5.7%2.3%32.5%53.7%
Number of clinics with paediatric service (no. sampled)5 (2)12 (5)9 (6)8 (8)