Table 2

 Childhood mortality in Wolverhampton in children aged under 5 years 1976–2002 classified according to preventability

Totaln/1000 live birthsTotaln/1000 live births
A. Diseases with a very poor prognosis
    A1 Congenital1084.5462.2
    A2 Malignant42
    A3 Obstetric
        a) prematurity1456.1894.2
        b) birth injuries220.9290.42
B. Deaths due to diseases occasionally fatal222
C. Deaths in the course of diseases not normally fatal51
D. Sudden death with no recognisable disease
    D1 Negative necropsy381.6200.94
    D2 Positive necropsy230.9630.14
E. Accidents121
F. Homicide07