Table 2

 Group characteristics at inclusion for 7–16 year old children with asthma treated with omeprazole or placebo for GORD

Omeprazole (n = 19)Placebo (n = 19)
*PAQLQ, Pediatric Asthma Quality of Life Questionnaire.
†GINA, Global Initiative on Asthma.23
Age: mean (median)10.2 (9.2)11.3 (11.0)
Gender (male/female)15/414/5
Reflux index, mean (%, SD)8.8 (4.0)9.7 (5.1)
Not completed (n)11
Patients with reflux index >10% (n)56
Atopic/non-atopic individuals13/613/6
Asthma symptom score: mean (SD)5.53 (3.26)5.95 (2.92)
PAQLQ*: mean (SD)5.49 (0.79)5.32 (0.95)
GINA classification of asthma severity (step 1/2/3/4)†4/8/7/03/6/10/0
Use of short acting bronchodilators (doses past two weeks): mean (SD)11.00 (17.23)8.28 (8.52)
Patients on daily inhaled steroids (n)1717
Patients on daily long acting bronchodilators (n)1012
FEV1%: mean (SD)88.6 (9.5)86.9 (7.8)