Table 1

 The 11 children whose idiopathic intractable epilepsy was well controlled with PLP or PN

Case no.Seizure typeGenderAge at treatmentAge at onset of seizureEEG before vitamin B6EEG after vitamin B6PLP or PN maintenanceFinal dosage of PN or PLP (mg/kg/day)Other AED (kinds)Duration of follow up
IS, infantile spasms; G, generalised other than IS; F, focal; f, female; m, male; PLP, pyridoxal phosphate; PN, pyridoxine; AED, antiepileptic drugs.
1ISf8 mth1 mthHypsarrhythmiaFocalPLP4112 mth
2ISf14 mth3 mthHypsarrhythmiaFocalPLP36+ (2)12 mth
3ISf15 mth9 mthHypsarrhythmiaNegativePN206 mth
4ISm18 mth6 mthHypsarrhythmiaFocalPN18+ (1)24 mth
5ISf4 y15 mthMultifocalNegativePLP3812 mth
6ISm5 y3 mthGeneralised polyspikeG polyspikePLP30+ (3)30 mth
7Gf2 y5 mthGeneralised polyspikeG spikePN8+ (1)28 mth
8Gf6 y3 mthGeneralised polyspikeG polyspikePN5+ (1)18 mth
9Fm13 mth8 mthMultifocalFocalPN4015 mth
10Fm2 y7 mthMultifocalMultifocalPLP28+ (2)21 mth
11Fm15 y9 mthGeneralised polyspikeNegativePLP718 mth