Table 3

 Evidence to support there having been repeated episodes of abuse in cases with SDHs of different ages

NAI, non-accidental injury; OFC, occipitofrontal circumference.
Case 1Multiple bruises, some noted few weeks before admission, torn frenulum, old rib fracture
Case 2Old rib fracture
Case 3Previous admission with subconjunctival haemorrhage and sudden onset squint, retinal haemorrhages
Case 4Multiple bruises, cigarette burns, adult bite marks, NAI queried on previous admission, retinal haemorrhages
Case 5Multiple bruises on scalp and chest, retinal haemorrhages, seen by GP 3 times in 2 weeks prior to admission
Case 6Presented with bruises two weeks previously, retinal haemorrhages
Case 7Two week history of being unwell, shaking admitted, retinal haemorrhages
Case 8Multiple bruises, cigarette burns, retinal haemorrhages, witnessed episodes of repeated abuse
Case 9Multiple bruises, retinal haemorrhages, increasing OFC noted on previous admission
Case 10Old fractures, retinal haemorrhages
Case 11Bruising around chest, failure to thrive, retinal haemorrhages, father admitted shaking
Case 12Seen previously with episodes of apnoea and painful leg
Case 13Repeated admissions with vomiting and increasing OFC
Case 14Previous admission with rib fractures, retinal haemorrhages
Case 15Old rib fractures
Case 16Multiple bruises, bruised frenulum, retinal haemorrhages
Case 17Old rib fractures, retinal haemorrhages
Case 18Multiple bruises, concern regarding increasing OFC on previous admission
Case 19Two previous admissions with fits 1 week apart, scratches on face
Case 20Admitted previously with bruising, retinal haemorrhages